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Billing FAQs

Domain Name FAQs

Service FAQs

Billing FAQs

Are there any setup fees?
There are NO setup fees for any of our accounts.

Do offer a guarantee?
Absolutely! If you're not satisfied anywhere in your first month of hosting, we will gladly refund any hosting fees paid. All of them. Unconditionally.

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Domain Name FAQs

How do I get a domain name (web address)
We can register your name for you, or you can learn to do it. Regardless of who registers your domain, you will own the rights to it, and update information whenever you want.

How do I know if my domain name is still available?
You can check the availability of your proposed domain at Network Solutions. Their web page can perform a search of the InterNIC database to see if the desired domain name is available or not.

How do I transfer an existing domain registered somewhere else?
For Studio Braun Hosting to complete your domain transfer you would need to send your account user name and password that you were provided when you registered your domain.
If you would like to complete the domain transfer yourself, you use Studio Braun's Domain Name Server Information (DNS):

  Name Server IP Address
Primary IP:
Secondary IP:

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Service FAQs

Does Studio Braun use Unix or NT servers?
We use Unix servers running Red Hat Linux 6.2

Do you offer secure server space for transferring credit card information?
YES! Our servers are equipped with the latest SSL technology so your customers can safely order your products or services online! We can help you get a secure certificate too.

What is a "parked" domain name?
Parked domains are aliases of other domains. For example, say we have parked to your main account at This would mean that anyone who goes to would automatically go to There is no actual hosting involved with merely acts as a nickname to

Can I upload pages frequently?
Each account comes with full FTP or control panel file access for your space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with now bandwidth limit imposed so you can update your site at your leisure.

What is a CGI-bin and do I get one?
A CGI-bin is where you would store CGI scripts. These scripts are used to generate online order forms, guestbooks, shopping carts, counters, and more! YES, every account comes with a local CGI-bin.

What are email aliases and how many can I use?
Email aliases are email addresses that you make up. Any mail sent to these aliases would automatically be forwarded to your existing POP email account or redirected to another third party POP account.
You can have as many email aliases as you want, your mail account is pre-configured to "Catch All" email directed at

What about Web Statistics?
Traffic analysis software comes pre-installed with every web hosting account! We use a few different online applications and they are very robust and easy to access.
You also get access to your raw server logs, and can use them with another application of your choosing.

What about Technical Support?
We provide web hosting services to many clients and from experience we have found that handling support requests through an online support center is to our clients' greatest advantage. We answer all email on the same day it is received - most often in only an hour or two.
We have implemented an Online Support Manual to help you with all aspects of your web hosting account.
Visit the Support Center

What kind of technical support do you NOT provide?
We do NOT provide technical support relating to HTML syntax, Java programming, JavaScripting, 3rd party software, CGI programming, or CGI scripts, nor any other non-network related software. We will try and help you get your scripts running, but can't be on top of every new issue that can arise - these are your responsibility if you're doing this level of customization.

What types of account activities are prohibited?
- And for the rest: If it's illegal we don't want to host it
All sites are monitored and any that are in violation of the above will be subject to deactivation.
Please see our Acceptable Use Policy for more information.

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