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Join our affiliate program and earn healthy rewards on referrals to our services. The concept is quite simple really; we pay you for referrals leading to accounts with us, from $40 per account.


Affiliate Log-in page:

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How it works

Everyone is welcome to sign up with the Affiliate Program, whether you're already a Studio Braun client or not. There is no charge, and once you’re done, online tracking will be available to you.

There are two basic ways to ensure you’re credited with the referral for a new account: online and manually.


Place a link to us using either our logo or your own graphic or text, linking to us with the referral i.d. you get from your affiliate account. There are examples posted in your affiliate banner section.

Whenever someone follows that link, the system will log the referral to you. If that visitor makes a purchase (then or later) your account will be credited. Even if the visitor leaves the site and comes back at some future time to generate a hosting account you will get credit (based on a cookie on the visitor’s computer).

Manual Referrals

If you’re a Studio Braun Hosting client and are referring someone you know, you can instruct them to mention you in an email to us. We’ll put you on the system with appropriate credit.

Payment details

If the new account selects a 6 or 12 month term (including the normal discounts) we’ll pay your credit immediately. If it’s a monthly or quarterly contract, we’ll pay your credit as soon as we receive payment for the 4th month.

Regardless of the term, once payment is received for the 7th month we’ll pay your 2nd credit (that would be right up front for a 12 month term :-).

Payment Schedule

New Plan
Initial Credit
2nd Credit
Total pay for referral
Studio 1
Studio 2
Studio 3
Studio 4

Follow this link to the free sign-up page: